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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Chocolate everywhere ?!?

Been a while since I have had the time to sit down and reflect and I have been asked lately for my website. . I think - well, I don't really have a website, just a blog, but it gets the job done. . .
Underneath the flour, chocolate, peanut butter and crasins I was able to find my computer and take the time to "BLOG". . You are probably thinking - that is an odd combination. Yes it is however they do not all go in one recipe. I have had many orders for the 100 calorie muffin tops and been cranking those out and loving the fact that I am helping individuals eat a healthy snack. I am also helping others to clog their arteries by supplying them with whoopie pies, fudge, cookies, easter eggs and more. My upcoming challenge is a wedding cake that I am doing with a friend next weekend - will be sure to post pictures. . Recently did a pink camoflauge cake for an individual that turned out good. The Lord sure has blessed with supplying orders for my business and I am thankful for that.
Well, enough time sitting, time to get baking. . pies to do today - yummy coconut cream pie (maybe I will make one for ME)

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